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B. Vlahek: TOWER ETUDES Op. 46 for piano

/ETIDE-TORNJEVI za klavir/

1. Babel Étude (Babilonska etida) 
Tower of Babel / Babylonia, ca. 610 BC

2. Eiffel Étude (Eiffelova etida) 
Eiffel Tower / Paris (France), 1889

3. Empire Étude (Imperijalna etida)  
Empire State Building / New York (USA), 1931

4. Pearl Étude (Biserna etida) 
Oriental Pearl Tower / Shanghai (China), 1994

5. Khalifa Étude (Kalifina etida) 
Burj Khalifa, Dubai (UAE), 2010

Bruno Vlahek, piano

"Tower Études were commissioned for the 24th international competition for pianists “Young virtuoso”, Zagreb, 2018. These are
five études of progressive demands in line with the age and educational level of competitors in each of five categories, lined
up by the height of a particular building. The idea was to make a certain modern “Gradus ad Parnassum”, where the mythological
Parnassus from the well-known Clementi’s études is replaced by different peaks – high buildings challenging the construction work
of people, just as the young pianists strive for higher accomplishments. Just like the height of the towers, these accomplishments
are dreamy, visionary, sometimes elusive, or even insatiable – for the very reason Babylon is symbolically the initial étude of
the cycle. Other movements are inspired by the contemporary buildings I have had an opportunity to visit, which have made an
impression on me personally. Therefore, Eiffel Étude uses the charm of the French music idiom, syncopated rhythms invoke the
energy of New York in the 30s of last century, meditative hypnotism of a view from the traditional Shanghai gardens Yuyuan onto
the futuristic TV tower, while the highest tower nowadays in the world defies the desert climate and sand storms in a virtuoso way."

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