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Domenico Scarlatti’s magnificent sonatas were composed for the Infanta, who became Queen of Spain in 1746. Among 22 sonatas on this disc, 13 of them are recently discovered masterpieces from various Italian, Spanish and Portuguese archives. Some of them are presented here for Naxos label on a first modern piano recording ever.


Track listing:


1 Sonata in F minor, K.463/L.471/P.512 

2 Sonata in F major, K.316/L.299/P.193 

3 Sonata in D major, K.415/L.S11/P.175 

4 Sonata in D major, K.435/L.361/P.466 

5 Sonata in A major, K.453/P.280 

6 Sonata in C major, K.514/L.1/P.389 

7 Sonata in B flat major, K.361/L.247/P.214 

8 Sonata in E major, K.380/L.23/P.483 

9 Sonata in D major, K.333/L.269/P.338 

10 Sonata in G major 

11 Sonata in D minor  

12 Sonata in A major (Metropolitan Cathedral Archive manuscripts)

13 Sonata in A major [Granados Collection, No. 10] (Biblioteca de Catalunya, Manuscript No.31)  

14 Sonata in E major  (Biblioteca de Catalunya manuscript)

15 Sonata in A major  [Libro di tocate per cembalo] (Portuguese Institute of Cultural Heritage manuscript)

16 Sonata in D major 

17 Sonata in A major  (Real Conservatorio Superior de Música manuscripts)

18 Sonata in D minor 

19 Sonata in G major  (Turin University Library manuscripts) 

20 Sonata in C major 

21 Sonata in G minor 

22 Sonata in G major (The Benedictine cloister of Montserrat manuscripts)






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